Ayesha Omar & Yasir Hussain to star in a movie based on Pakistani pedeophile Javed Iqbal

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Ayesha Omer is a Pakistani actress and YouTuber. Yasir Hussain is a Pakistani screenwriter, actor, playwright, and host from Islamabad, best known for his comic roles. They both are all set to star in a film based on Pakistani pedeophile Javed Iqbal. Javed Iqbal, one of Pakistan’s most atrocious mass murderers, confessed to killing over 100 adolescent boys in Lahore in 1999. The case was a macabre one, as the killer not only tortured and murdered the children but also butchered and dissolved their bodies in acid to get rid of the evidence. They sentenced him to death in the same way.

Javed Iqbal is famously said to have sexually abused and killed over 100 children in Lahore between 1998 and 1999. He later dissolved the dead bodies in acid to get rid of the evidence.

The shooting of the film has begun. They will split the film into two parts, the first of which will last 90 minutes.
Both the parts of the investigation regarding Javed Iqbal, including how he confessed, how he was probed, and so on. “I portray the female police officer who leads the interrogation,” Ayesha Omer explained, adding that the film is “fiction based but on genuine events.”

“For example, no female police interrogated Javed Iqbal in real life, yet she does so in his film.” The rest of the events are factual and are based on serial killer Javed Iqbal’s life, she stated.

Yasir Hussain portrays the famed Javed Iqbal, while Omer portrays a tough cop. Other characters, according to Omer, are played by some superb actors. Many of them are theatrical actors.

Abu Aleeha wrote the screenplay and is also directing the film. The actor praised him as “a very sharp, intellectual individual who knows what he’s doing and knows his storyline.” She added, “I was quite satisfied with the homework they had done.”

The film’s workshops have ended, and they’re about to film, according to Ayesha Omer, who added that the movie should be ready by the end of September. “It’s for Netflix,” she explained, adding that they’ll have to wait and see because Netflix has several procedures. “They have to finish the film, then look at it, and then approve it,” she explained.

“InshAllah, it’ll be for Netflix or Pakistani cinemas,” Ayesha Omer explained.

Speaking of her role, Omar accepts the film would be one of the most challenging in her career and she’s certainly looking forward to it.

Who was Javed Iqbal?

Javed Iqbal, one of Pakistan’s most infamous serial killers, who admitted to killing over 100 young boys in Lahore in 1999.

He made a dramatic surrender at the office of an Urdu daily on Dec 30, 1999. The surrender brought an end to the country’s biggest manhunt that was launched after Iqbal himself conveyed the details of his crime to the authorities in the last week of November 1999, through parcels filled with evidence and pictures of his victims.

Besides the parcels, the serial killer left two human skeletons in an acid-filled container at the house from where the police recovered at least nine bags carrying clothes and shoes of the victims.

The parcels also contained a personal diary and a notebook of the self-confessed killer, giving every detail of his murder. A letter bearing a confessional statement of Javed was also attached with the parcels, which read: “I had sexually assaulted 100 children before killing them, and had disposed of their bodies in barrels of acid.” A similar parcel was also sent to the office of an Urdu daily.

Iqbal was found dead in his jail cell on October 9, 2001.


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