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Bangladeshi fisherman catches a rare ‘bird’ fish with long wings, resembles Indo-Pacific sailfish

A rare seven foot long fish has been caught by a Bangladeshi fisherman on Friday which has long wings. He fished it from Meghna river, which is one of the biggest rivers in the northern district of Jamalpur. The fish weighs about 22 kilograms.

The fish was caught in the Sarishabari area of the Jamalpur district.

Locals have named it “bird fish” because of its long wings and it was uncommon to residents, according to the report. The fish has fins on its back giving the impression of wings.

The report said it is maybe a rare type of fish found in the Indian Ocean, citing a local fisheries office.

At frontier India, we think the fish resembles the Indo-Pacific sailfish.

It was sold at the local market for Bangladeshi taka 2,500 ( about $147) as a large number of residents gathered to see the rare fish.

People expressed wonder about the travel of the fish to normal water, leaving a big ocean for a river.


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