Batman spotted in the videos from the shooting of Flash

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Fresh videos from the shooting of a movie about Flash on the streets of the Scottish city of Glasgow have appeared online. The hero Bruce Wayne took part in the shooting of a chase on a Batcycle or Batblade or Batpod  – a vehicle that Batman uses as an alternative to Batmobile.

This was reported on ‘The Flash Films News’ Twitter feed. In the footage one can see the updated armor of the superhero and the newer version of the Batcycle. Ben Affleck, who played the role of the Dark Knight in Zach Snyder’s films, probably also plays the role in the movie on Flash. A year back it was reported that Ben Affleck will play Batman in a superhero solo about Flash.

Batman in Movie flash

Flash is the hero of the fictional DC Comics universe, capable of developing speeds that exceed the speed of light. The role of Flash will be played by Ezra Miller, who has already played the superhero in “Justice League”, “Batman vs. Superman: At the Dawn of Justice” and “Suicide Squad”. “Flash” is based on the comic book of the same name by DC Comics. The author of the script is Christina Hodson.


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