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Adani Group’s Ambitious Plan: Building the World’s Largest Renewable Energy Powerhouse in Mundra


In the Gujarati city of Mundra, the Indian conglomerate Adani Group plans to build the largest fully integrated renewable energy production complex in the world.

The facility in Mundra will become the first and only ecosystem anywhere in the world that is vertically and horizontally integrated for solar energy generation. Rahul Butiani, the head of sales and marketing at Adani Solar, stated in an interview with the MoneyControl portal that the subsidiary Adani Wind plans to increase wind power production capacity in the same area from 1.5 GW to 5 GW. This expansion would take place at the same location. He noted that even in China, considered a leader in constructing large-scale renewable energy power stations, there are no equivalent projects where a wholly integrated ecosystem coexists in one area. The manufacture of all auxiliary equipment is located in the same place. This is the case even though China is a leader in constructing large-scale renewable energy power stations.

The company believes that moving all of the production of the supply chain components to a single location will greatly cut down on transportation costs. According to a representative from Adani, there is already a port in the area close to the future facility, making it easier to ship items overseas. The preliminary plans of the corporation indicate that by the year 2027, they intend to have upgraded the production capacity of the energy hub to the point where the capacity to generate power from each renewable source will reach 10 gigawatts (GW).

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