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Aviation Sanctions? No problem! SJ-100 Aircraft Takes Flight, Proving Russia Can Build Planes Without Imports


The aviation sanctions imposed by Europe and the United States have suffered their first setback in Russia. According to a report from the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the first flight of the SJ-100, an aircraft built in Russia using no components imported from other nations, was a success.

The SJ-100, a prototype of a Russian short-haul aircraft, has completed its first flight, which Production Centre Yakovlev PJSC carried out. This plant is owned and operated by Rostec State Corporation, a United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) subsidiary, which in turn is owned and operated by Rostec State Corporation. The city of Komsomolsk-on-Amur was the location where the plane was produced. According to the ministry, testing revealed that both the domestic systems and the aircraft displayed controllability and stability. The testing was conducted on both the domestic systems and the aircraft.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade has stated that about forty systems and components of the imported SJ-100 were replaced.

Test pilots Leonid Chikunov, Dmitry Demenev, and test engineer Denis Velizhanin were responsible for piloting the aircraft during the flight tests. The flight lasted for 54 minutes, during which time the aeroplane attained top speeds of up to 343 kilometres per hour and heights of up to 3,000 metres. The ministry said that in line with the flight assignment, the crew investigated the performance of the automatic pressure control system within the cabin, evaluated the stability and controllability of the aircraft while it was in flight, and performed a “cloud landing” followed by a go-around manoeuvre.

The first flight of the Superjet, created as part of an import substitution programme for systems and components, is the result of the collective efforts of many radio-electronic and aviation manufacturing firms connected with Rostec. Developers and manufacturers from Russia have successfully integrated their proprietary design solutions and technologies into the aircraft. These design solutions and technologies include avionics, landing gear, an auxiliary power unit, an integrated control system, power supply systems, air conditioning, fire protection, and various other components. Denis Manturov, the Deputy Prime Minister of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, commented on the event.

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