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Canada Becomes Fifth NATO Country to Buy Boeing’s P-8A Poseidon


As part of the Canadian Multi-Mission Aircraft (CMMA) project, the Government of Canada has executed a Foreign Military Sales Letter of Offer and Acceptance for up to 16 Boeing P-8A Poseidon aircraft. Canada becomes the fifth NATO country to choose the P-8 as its multi-mission aircraft, joining the other eight countries, including all five of the FIVE EYES allies—the intelligence partnership comprising the US, the UK, Australia, and New Zealand. In 2026, the first delivery is anticipated.

Payload capacity, speed, endurance, and range are just some of the CMMA requirements that the P-8 can meet. It is the only alternative tested, operational, and currently in service. This choice will positively impact the success of hundreds of Canadian enterprises over several decades, thanks to the platform maintenance that Canadian industry partners provide.

According to an independent analysis conducted in 2023 by Doyletech Corporation, which is situated in Ottawa, the P-8 acquisition will be beneficial to Canada’s economy by a total of $358 million annually and will result in the creation of close to 3,000 jobs.

Team Poseidon is the umbrella organisation for Boeing’s P-8 Canadian industrial partnership, comprising CAE, GE Aviation Canada, IMP Aerospace & Defence, KF Aerospace, Honeywell Aerospace Canada, Raytheon Canada, and StandardAero. The team extends to the 81 Canadian suppliers that presently deliver the P-8 platform and the more than 550 Boeing suppliers across all provinces. This gives the company an annual economic impact on Canada of over CAD 4 billion and supports over 14,000 employment opportunities.

With nearly 160 aircraft delivered or in service and 560,000 cumulative flying hours, the P-8 has proven capabilities for anti-submarine warfare, anti-surface warfare, intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance, and humanitarian assistance/disaster relief response. Additionally, the P-8 has demonstrated capability for anti-surface warfare.

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