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Estonia Weighs Wheeled Artillery Options Beyond France

Estonia plans to strengthen its defense forces by acquiring wheeled self-propelled artillery units in addition to the tracked K9 Thunder, which are currently in service.

The head of the armament department at the Estonian Center for Defense Investments (RKIK), Ramil Lipp, told the Estonian broadcaster ERR that there are a dozen different systems to choose from, with delivery times ranging from one to five years.

He said that RKIK is preparing a tender to purchase the corresponding artillery systems. He stated that the announcement could occur within the next six months or a year.

Lipp explained that, compared to the South Korean tracked K9, currently in service in Estonia, wheeled self-propelled artillery units are more mobile but do not have strong armor protection.

He believes that wheeled, self-propelled artillery units can quickly fire and leave the firing position before the enemy returns fire.

The biggest advantage of such artillery units is that they can move freely on roads.

Now, RKIK experts must decide which artillery systems to purchase by studying samples available on the global market. The most well-known are the French Caesar, Israeli ATMOS, Swedish Archer, and Slovak Zuzana. However, as Ramil Lipp pointed out, there are other options.

“India also produces very interesting systems. Turkey produces two different systems, almost ready for production. The first products are ready; the machines already exist,” said Lipp, noting that all these self-propelled artillery units can be compared in terms of tactical and technical characteristics and cost.

The Estonian Defense Forces have not yet established the criteria for selecting wheeled self-propelled artillery units for purchase, but Lipp predicts that the delivery time will be crucial.

In early April, one of the Estonian publications, citing Defense Minister Hanno Pevkur, reported that Estonia plans to arm its forces with 18 French self-propelled 155mm Caesar artillery units.

However, a representative of the Estonian Center for Defense Investments said an official decision regarding purchasing a specific type of wheeled artillery system has not yet been made.



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