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For the first time, Russian air defences were able to shoot down a British Storm Shadow missile


The long-range cruise missile, Storm Shadow, was successfully shot down by the Russian air defence system (AD) for the first time, said the Russian Ministry of Defence.

During the day, air defence systems were able to stop ten HIMARS multiple rocket launchers, seven HARM anti-radar missiles, and one Storm Shadow long-range cruise missile from reaching their targets, said the Defence Ministry statement.

Storm Shadow missile draws the first blood

According to a report by the Russian Ministry of Defence, two Ukrainian military aircraft that fired Storm Shadow missiles towards Lugansk were shot down by Russian jets.

On the 12th of May, at approximately 6.30 pm Moscow time, combat aircraft from the Ukrainian Air Force conducted a missile attack on the Polipak polymer goods industry and the Milam meat processing plant located in Lugansk.

In direct contradiction to the statements made by the British government that these weapons would not be used on civilian targets, the attack was carried out by British-made Storm Shadow missiles that had been delivered to the Kyiv regime.

A fire broke out on the premises of the food and chemical businesses located in Lugansk as a direct result of the strike. Several homes and apartment complexes in the neighbourhood have been levelled. There were injuries sustained by civilians, including six children in total. 

According to reports from Russian news outlets, the Ukrainian aircraft was responsible for launching the first two long-range Storm Shadow missiles and an American anti-aircraft missile called an ADM-160B MALD which is a Miniature Air-Launched Decoy.

The Ukrainian Su-24 jet that attacked Lugansk and the Russian Mig-29 fighter that was covering it were brought down by fighter aircraft from the Russian Aerospace Forces, said the Russian Defence Ministry.

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