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Il-76 Destroyed in Aftermath of Ukrainian drone Drone Assault on Pskov airport

The governor of the Pskov region, Mikhail Vedernikov, announced on August 29 that the Ministry of Defence is repelling a drone attack at the Pskov airport; preliminary reports indicate that there have been no deaths.

Following an attack by Ukrainian drones, a fire broke out at the Pskov airport; however, because the outbreaks were localised, there was little danger of the fire spreading to other areas, according to another report.

According to Vedernikov, he has been at the scene since the beginning of the incident. According to the first available reports, there have been no fatalities. He said a determination is being made regarding the destruction’s extent.

Aftermath of Ukrainian drone Drone Assault on Pskov airport
Aftermath of Ukrainian drone Drone Assault on Pskov airport. Screenshot of a Telegram Channel Video.

Later, the website of the regional office of the Ministry of Emergency Situations reported that a military transport aircraft, Il-76, was engulfed in flames. The website adds that 65 people and 21 pieces of equipment were involved in the aftermath.

This is not the first time that Ukrainian drones have been the target of an attempted attack. At approximately 91:45, the Ministry of Defence claimed that four Ukrainian drones had been brought down in the Bryansk region, and one had been brought down in the Oryol region. After some time, the authorities in Bryansk and Oryol declared that there had been no casualties. According to the chairman of the Orel region, two drones were successfully intercepted while flying over the territory.

A further report from the Ministry of Defence stated that another drone was shot down above the Kaluga region at approximately 02:00 Moscow time. The Governor of Sevastopol, Mikhail Razvozhaev, announced at 3:10 a.m. local time in Moscow that a threat posed by drones launched from the water had been successfully neutralised in the vicinity of Sevastopol Bay.

A claim that a Ukrainian drone had also been shot down over the Ryazan region was issued by the Ministry of Defence almost concurrently with the first news.

With the use of drones, the Armed Forces of Ukraine have recently been making consistent attempts to launch attacks against the central region of Russia.



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