Indian Navy P8I and ASW planes from US, Japan, South Korea, and Canada to participate in exercise Sea Dragon 23

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A P8I aircraft of the Indian Navy would be participating in Sea Dragon 23, the third edition of the coordinated multilateral Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) exercise for long-range maritime reconnaissance aircraft. 

According to a Navy statement, the US Navy is hosting the exercise, for which the P8I aircraft arrived on March 14 in Guam, US.

The drill, which started on March 15 and will end on March 30, focuses on coordinated anti-submarine warfare among participating nations.

According to the Navy, the complexity and scope of these exercises have rapidly increased over the last few years to include advanced ASW drills.

The Navy stated that Ex Sea Dragon 23 would test the ability of the participating aircraft to track both simulated and actual undersea targets while sharing knowledge.

A US Navy P8A, a Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force P1, a Royal Canadian Air Force CP 140 and a RoKN P3C will also be part of the exercise.

The Navy said the exercise aims to achieve high levels of synergy and coordination among friendly navies based on their shared values ​​and commitment to an open and inclusive Indo-Pacific.

Last week, the Navy’s INS Sahyadri practised in the Arabian Sea alongside the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force (JMSDF) vessel JS Suzutsuki, an Akizuki-class destroyer.

The exercise aimed to consolidate their common commitment to regional and global security challenges. It saw cross-landings by integrated helicopters, tactical manoeuvres and the usual steaming passage by ships.


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