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Iran’s Navy Aims Mission to the South Pole after Fleet 86 Ocean circumvent

According to a future proposal announced by Rear Admiral Shahram Iran, who is in charge of the Iranian Navy, Iran wants to plant its flag at the South Pole. The Iranian news agency “Fars” published this information on September 28. It noted that Iranian naval intentions align with words made by the leader of the Islamic Revolution in Iran, who referred to them as a “strategic strength.”

Shahram Iran said the country will collaborate with other nations to conduct research and military operations in the South Pole. He continued that the absence of prior experiences in this field was one of the obstacles that Iran encountered when it sought to build a significant presence at sea, and this was one of the country’s challenges.

Iranian Navy Fleet 86
Iranian Navy Fleet 86

The commander of the Iranian Navy stressed that Iran has successfully overcome the desire of other countries to prevent its presence at sea and that it surmounted this obstacle at the pinnacle of the conspiracy, which it encountered during the 86th naval patrol in international waters. The commander of the Iranian Navy made this point when speaking about Iran’s success.

According toShahram Iran’s explanation, the arrival of Patrol 86 in the enemies’ backyard broke the dominance of global powers attempting to monopolise their presence in international waters.

Navy Fleet 86 (Nadja), consisting of the all-Iranian destroyer Dana and the Makran navigator, travelled more than 70,000 km during its patrol. According to Rear Admiral Shahram Iran, during the operation of Navy Fleet 86, the “Great Satan” (another name for the United States) made its presence known and put sanctions on this unit. However, in light of the laws that govern international relations, these sanctions amounted to little more than empty threats.

The Iranian Navy is ranked 32nd among the largest naval fleets in the world, according to statistics compiled by the American website “Global Firepower” for the year 2023. The Iranian Navy possesses 101 different naval units.



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