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Israel’s Hypersonic Missile Interceptor ‘Sky Sonic’ to Debut at Paris Air Show


In response to the growing danger posed by hypersonic missiles, the Israeli company RAFAEL Advanced Defence Systems Ltd. has stated today that it has built a cutting-edge interceptor called “Sky Sonic.” This game-changing system will be presented for the first time at the Paris Air Show, which kicks off in one week and is one of the largest aerospace exhibits in the world, says the company release.

Iran alarmed Israel on June 6 by launching what it claims is its first hypersonic missile produced domestically. It had previously stated that it could strike Israel within 400 seconds. The Iranian president, Ebrahim Raisi, was present at the unveiling of the Fattah, or “conqueror” in Farsi, missile. It is rumoured to have a range of 1,400 kilometres (870 miles), the ability to travel at 15 times the speed of sound, and the ability to evade air defence systems. Only four other nations claim to possess these weapons.

Rafale's Sky Sonic Interceptor missile for Hypersonic flying vehicles
Rafale’s Sky Sonic Interceptor missile for Hypersonic flying vehicles

Sky Sonic is an important step forward in terms of the development of hypersonic missile defence technology. Its extraordinary manoeuvrability and high-speed characteristics allow it to defeat hypersonic missiles, which travel at ten times the speed of sound, with stealth and precision unsurpassed in the industry, said the release. Hypersonic missiles travel at ten times the speed of sound. At the Paris Air Show, the interceptor will be shown at RAFAEL’s stand to bring attention to the company’s dedication to developing advanced air defence technologies.

Dr Yuval Steinitz, the chairman of RAFAEL, said that the company identified a considerable increase and heightened interest in the international arena due to its established operational skills and the geopolitical reality, which has provided various opportunities. According to him, the organisation keeps an eye on the state of the nation’s security environment and works to build the most cutting-edge defence technologies to counteract emerging dangers. The hypersonic weaponry being developed as part of Project Sky Sonic is cutting-edge and completely unique.

To date, only Russian air defence systems are capable of destroying hypersonic missiles, Denis Manturov, head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, Deputy Prime Minister of the Government, said on June 13 in an interview with RIA Novosti on the eve of SPIEF.

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