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Kremlin’s “For Your Eyes Only” Arsenal? U.S. Warns of Russian Nuclear Space Weapon

Washington alleges that Moscow is building an anti-satellite weapon that might jeopardise US national security. John Kirby, the National Security Council’s Coordinator for Strategic Communications, briefed the White House on the contents of the American claims, while President’s Assistant for National Security Jake Sullivan announced a closed-door meeting for key congressmen.

The Russian space threat came up during deliberations about a bill providing military help to Ukraine. 

Potential space weapon

On February 14, Sullivan warned of a potential threat to American national security from the Russian Federation. According to ABC News, Russia is allegedly planning to deploy nuclear weapons in space, while The New York Times claims the plan is in the works.

During the briefing on February 15, Kirby confirmed that the United States believes Russia is developing anti-satellite weapons that will be”space-based. He clarified, “This is not an operational system that has been deployed … Although Russia’s desire to obtain such a system is concerning.”

Kirby added, “We are not talking about weapons that can be used to attack people or cause physical destruction on Earth.

At the same time, Kirby did not provide any details, as he is “limited in what he can disclose about the nature of this threat.” Nevertheless, in Washington, it is believed that Moscow’s alleged plans would constitute a “violation of the space treaty.”

Those who were at the following briefing at the Pentagon thought the statements were funny. Press secretary Patrick Ryder asked, “This terrible thing that the Russians want to launch into space, does it resemble the ‘GoldenEye’ from the 1995 Bond movie?” He jokingly responded with: “I think we just need to live and let die” (referring to the 1973 James Bond film “Live and Let Die”).

Kirby did not identify any grounds for Washington’s allegations but emphasised that the United States does not believe everything that comes from Russia and relies on its own judgment.

At congressional hearings, Bill LaPlante, Deputy Head of the Pentagon, said that the United States is monitoring Russia’s and China’s space activities and that “the entire strategy is premised on this.”

Kirby said President Joe Biden had directed contact with Russia on this problem. Kirby said, “We have reached out to the Russian side, but at this stage, we have not agreed to actual negotiations.”

Following this, the Pentagon declined to say whether contacts between Russia and the United States at the level of defence ministers were scheduled. The department’s spokesperson, Patrick Ryder, passed on the question to the White House.



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