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Mossad and Brazilian Federal Police Uncover Hezbollah Plot to Target Jewish Community in Brazil


The Israeli intelligence agency Mossad revealed on Wednesday evening that, together with the Brazilian Federal Police, they had foiled a conspiracy to target the Jewish population in Brazil, including synagogues. The plot was organised by the Lebanese Hezbollah and supported by Iran. Mossad said that they had disrupted the plot. Mossad revealed in a communication that the Brazilian police had arrested members of a terrorist cell organised by Hezbollah. This cell was reportedly recruiting Brazilian citizens to carry out attacks “against Jewish and Israeli targets,” according to a quote from the communication that was published in the Times of Israel.

Hezbollah emissary apprehended

They were able to stop the preparations for an attack that was going to be aimed against the Jewish population in the area “at an early stage,” as was previously stated by the Brazilian Federal Police. An emissary of Hezbollah was captured by Brazilian authorities at the international airport in Sao Paulo shortly after arriving from Lebanon. He was one of several people who the Brazilian government arrested.

Mossad Statement

In its statement, Mossad highlighted that Hezbollah, in partnership with Iran, is striving to arrange attacks internationally against Israeli citizens, Jews, and residents of Western countries. Mossad’s statement was issued in response to a report that Iran was involved in the plotting of the assaults. The leader of the largest Jewish organisation in Brazil (CONIB), Daniel Bialski, expressed to the portal that he is “very concerned” about the dangers that face the Jewish community in his nation.

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