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ONGC Taps TotalEnergies’ AUSEA Drones To Meet 50% Methane Cut By 2027


TotalEnergies has decided to share its Airborne Ultralight Spectrometer for Environmental Applications (AUSEA) technology to pivot the entire industry towards zero methane emissions by 2030, while ONGC has invited international technology partners to assist in reducing its methane emissions in India by 2030. The Oil and Gas Decarbonisation Charter (OGDC), an international industry initiative introduced at COP28, is a party to which both corporations are parties.

ONGC has now become the newest national company to enter into cooperation agreements with TotalEnergies to utilise AUSEA. These companies include NNPCL in Nigeria, Petrobras in Brazil, SOCAR in Azerbaijan, and Sonangol in Angola.

Mounted on a drone, the AUSEA gas analyser is a one-of-a-kind technological innovation created in collaboration between TotalEnergies and its R&D partners. AUSEA, comprised of a dual sensor capable of simultaneously detecting carbon dioxide and methane emissions, identifies their source. This technology signifies a significant advancement in detecting and quantifying methane emissions compared to conventional methods. By providing access to offshore and onshore emission points that are difficult to reach, AUSEA is one of the most precise technologies in the industry.

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of ONGC Arun Kumar Singh said the organisation is seeking new technologies to reduce its methane emissions by 50% by 2027 and by 80% in 2030 compared to 2020, per the collective goals it set at COP28 as a signatory of the OGDC. Implementing the AUSEA technology will bolster the organisation’s efforts to attain methane-free emissions by 2038.

TotalEnergies is an industry leader in the reduction of methane emissions. Following a halving of methane emissions from its operational sites from 2010 to 2020, TotalEnergies established ambitious goals to increase its efforts and further reduce methane emissions by 50% by 2025 (to accomplish this objective a year early, in 2024), and by 80% in 2030 relative to 2020 levels.

TotalEnergies is additionally dedicated to collaborating with domestic and international oil corporations to advance the United Nations Oil and Gas Methane Partnership (OGMP 2.0) framework. The organisation has maintained OGMP Gold standard status for three consecutive years.

TotalEnergies has a growing presence in India and has been operational there since 1993. The organisation has established collaborative alliances with the Adani Group in the fields of gas and renewables (Adani Total Private Limited, Dhamra LNG Terminal Private Limited, Adani Total Gas Limited, Adani Green Energy Limited), energy storage (SAFT), and distributed solar generation, among others. It is engaged in the chemical industry (Hutchinson), as well as special fluids, lubricants, and LPG. It also maintains a subterranean LPG storage facility in Vizag via a joint venture with HPCL and manufactures and markets modified bitumen derivatives in collaboration with Indian Oil Corporation Limited. The organisation operates a Technical Centre Asia-Pacific R&D centre in Mumbai and a Digital Innovation Centre in Pune, a collaborative effort between the organisation and Tata Consulting Services (TCS).

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