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Russia could offer hypersonic missile technologies to friendly countries says official

According to Konstantin Biryulin, the Deputy General Director of KTRV, the Tactical Missile Weapons Corporation (KTRV), which is responsible for developing hypersonic missiles in Russia, does not rule out the possibility of passing on hypersonic technologies to friendly nations if an appropriate political decision is made.

The question is whether Russia is prepared to pass these new technologies to its friends, people who are both friends and true partners, is a political choice, he said. If such a decision is made, Biryulin believes KTRV can transfer this technology. Biryulin was responding to a related query to Ria Novosti.

He referred to the joint Russian-Indian venture for developing and producing the Brahmos family of supersonic missiles. He stated that the Indian partners “had delved fairly thoroughly into this area.”

They have a separate programme that is coordinated with Russia, said  Biryulin.

The deputy general director of NPO Mashinostroeniya and co-director of the Brahmos joint ventureAlexander Maksichev, from the Russian side, stated in an interview with RIA Novosti in August 2022 that the creation of the Brahmos hypersonic missile can be expected around 2027-2028. NPO Mashinostroeniya manufactures zircon hypersonic missiles and is a part of KTRV.

The Tactical Missiles Company, founded in 2002 on the foundation of the State Research and Production Center Zvezda-Strela, comprises a variety of firms that manufacture high-performance missiles, guided bombs, and air, ground, and sea-based weapon systems. It is the Russian military-industrial complex’s primary holding, specialising in developing hypersonic weaponry.



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