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Russia Unveils ‘Chistyulya’: A Portable Shield Against Drones and Missiles


The portable system known as “Chistyulya” was developed by the holding company known as “Ruselectronics.” This system is designed to protect soldiers from drones and missiles aimed at radio-generating objects. On the 24th of November, this information was published on the website of the state corporation known as “Rostec,” which functions as the holding company.

It is important to mention that the introduction of the product took place during the conference titled “Army and Society,” which was hosted by the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation.

According to the press department of the state enterprise, the technology consists of a case that may weigh up to 8 kilogrammes and has the possibility of being controlled remotely. Its purpose is to protect the soldier from the radiation and impact of missiles aimed at radio-emitting targets.

Anti Drone Chistyulya
Anti Drone Chistyulya. Image:Rostec

Within a one-kilometre radius, “Chistyulya” entirely obstructs the transmission of photo and video data from the drone and suppresses the control and navigation channels of the aircraft. As per the assertion, the device is additionally outfitted with three distinct antennas, each with its frequency regulation and emitting a robust omnidirectional pulse.

When the drone is under the effect of ‘Chistyulya,’ it can either fall, hover in position, or return to the point where it took off. According to “Rostec,” this is contingent upon the type of drone, the settings with which it is equipped, as well as the distance between the complex and the control station.

This anti-drone complex is characterised by its compactness and lightness. It was developed and produced by the Central Research Institute “Cyclone,” which is part of “Ruselectronics.”

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