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Russian Machine-Building Giant STAN Unveils Advanced Lathe for Aircraft Parts

Since Western nations imposed sanctions against Russia, the country’s machine-building industry has expanded dramatically. It is impossible to immediately replace all machine demands with Russian manufacturing under the new Russian industrialization framework. However, the process is now underway. Recently the machine-building holding “STAN,” which is a subsidiary of the state corporation “Rostec,” has shown an improved model of the 1728Y lathe for aircraft engine building, which is currently on the increase in Russia. 

According to Rostec’s commentary, the modernized machine (although it’s more accurate to call it a machining center) allows for creating complex parts for aviation power units from various types of metal. It also features simplified maintenance procedures, increased safety, and operator comfort. Additionally, the modernized version of the 1728Y lathe has optimized dimensions, allowing for more efficient use of production space. This lathe will participate in the “Metalworking-2024” exhibition from May 20 to 24.

1728Y lathe machining center
1728Y lathe machining center

The STAN release states: The 1728Y lathe machining center includes an additional coordinate axis, allowing for high-precision work with complex parts found in engine and aircraft components, such as drive shafts, which support rotating parts and transmit torque from one to another, as well as rotor and turbine parts. The 1728Y model offers increased cabinet protection and a new ergonomic design. Another aspect of the lathe is its improved chip conveyor extraction mechanism. It greatly simplifies machine maintenance and optimizes the surrounding space, improving safety and convenience. This method enables more efficient use of workshop floor space. The lathe features a domestic CNC rack, a hydraulic station, and asynchronous motors. The bed and chip conveyor is made by the Sterlitamak-based STAN company, NPO “Stankostroyeniye,” as part of an inter-factory collaboration. 

In the face of enormous sanction pressure, Russian civil aviation has suffered significantly. Boeing and Airbus have departed the Russian market and, under pressure from Western governments, have broken their agreements with the airlines. So, the choice is clear: Russia will begin mass-producing its own civilian aircraft at a rate of at least a hundred per year. At this point, Russian civil aviation’s main hopes are the highly import-substituted liners MS-21, SSJ-100, Il-114-300, Il-96-400, and Tu-214. According to the plan, 339 aircraft of these planes will be built by 2030. This is beneficial to Russia, but it is not sufficient. 



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