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Stellantis hives of Mobilisights as a new business unit


Mobilisights is a newly established separate corporate entity of Stellantis N.V. that will be focused on extending the company’s data as a service (DaaS) business as well as developing and licencing innovative B2B products, applications, and services. Mobilisights products will be available to a wide variety of organisations, such as commercial firms, public-sector utilities, educational and research institutes, and others. This will facilitate data-driven decision making and enable a wide variety of applications and services to be provided.

Mobilisights, which was revealed to be one of seven accretive business units in the Dare Forward 2030 strategy plan, is a critical step in Stellantis’ attempts to expand and accelerate its software and data business. This is because Mobilisights is one of the seven accretive business units.

Sanjiv Ghate, CEO of Mobilisights, stated that the company aims to harness the insights that vehicle data provides to create innovative apps and services that can improve and radically improve the day-to-day lives of people and enterprises. Utilised efficiently, the sensor and other data accessible from connected vehicles might enable a wide range of services and applications with compelling benefits, such as usage-based customised insurance, road danger detection, and traffic management. He stated that Stellantis’ 14 renowned brands and millions of connected vehicles gave it an unrivalled global data scale capable of driving this industry ahead.

Mobilisights has unique access and rights to licence cars and related data from all Stellantis brands to external clients, fully exploiting the data from 34 million connected vehicles the company aims to reach by the end of the decade. This data density will allow Mobilisights greater independence in terms of its dependency on other data providers to power apps.

Stellantis N.V.’s most recognisable brands are Abarth, Alfa Romeo, Chrysler, Citron, Dodge, DS Automobiles, Fiat, Lancia, Jeep, Maserati, Peugeot, Opel, Ram, Vauxhall, Free2move, and Leasys.

Stellantis’ software strategy offers next-generation tech platforms, leveraging existing connected car capabilities to revolutionise how customers interact with automobiles. This approach, which will be unveiled at Stellantis’ Software Day in December 2021, is anticipated to create nearly €20 billion in additional yearly revenue by 2030. Mobilisights will contribute significantly to this income.

According to the organisation, Mobilisights and its partners will adhere to a stringent data governance and privacy policy. This includes the use of anonymised and aggregated data and the sharing of customers’ personal information only with their consent and for the specific services they select. Customers can also opt out of having their information collected, used, or shared, even after providing consent.

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