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Tata Motors delivers the first Prima VX Tippers Packed with Premium Safety and Efficiency Features


Tata Motors has commenced the delivery of cutting-edge Tata Prima VX tipper vehicles equipped with premium safety features. The tipper’s extensive feature set is intended to increase efficiency and provide drivers and vehicles with added convenience and safety. Currently, LX and VX customisation levels are available for the Prima lineup.

TATA Prima VX tipper
TATA Prima VX Tipper

The Prima VX tipper is equipped with an array of cutting-edge features, including a driver monitoring system, automatic traction control, hill-start assist, multimode FE (Fuel Efficiency) switch, camera-based park assist system, fuel monitoring system, touchscreen infotainment system, and driver seat that is pneumatically suspended. Additionally, it features an HVAC unit, engine brake, and THU axle. Furthermore, the vehicle is equipped as standard with firmware over the air (FOTA) capability and 4G connectivity.

Fleet Edge, a cutting-edge digital solution developed by Tata Motors, facilitates efficient fleet management by allowing operators to enhance uptime further and decrease the overall cost of ownership. By facilitating maintenance scheduling, expense monitoring, and comprehensive trip administration, this platform is designed to optimise business operations. The Tata Prima platform, which was created with input from fleet owners, customers, and drivers, demonstrates on a global scale the value of optimising fuel economy, travel duration, and durability under extreme conditions.

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