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The Russians equipped the Kh-101 missile with a double warhead

A modified Russian cruise missile X-101 with two warheads was shot down by Ukraine’s anti-aircraft defense, according to the Telegram channel “Colonel GSH.”

The updated variant gained an additional warhead module, bringing its total equivalent from 450 kilos to around 800 kilograms.

The second warhead comprises striking features in steel cubic-shaped fragments to increase combat effectiveness.

It’s possible that reducing the fuel tank volume created space for the extra warhead. This may reduce the cruise missile range, but the reduction is not significant given Ukraine’s geography.

Kh-101 with double warhead
Kh-101 with double warhead. Photo: “Colonel GSh”.


The X-101 is a strategic cruise missile developed using stealth technology. It is equipped with a special nuclear warhead and has an index of X-102.

Development of the X-101 started in 1995 and was put into service in 2013. The missile is carried by the Tu-95MSM turboprop strategic bomber (8 missiles on external hardpoints) and the Tu-160 (12 missiles in internal bays).

The missile uses a combined inertial guidance system with optical-electronic correction and activation of the self-guidance head in the final stages of flight.

In the transport position, the missile has a turbojet dual-circuit engine, model R95TM-300, located inside, with folded wings and tail assembly.

After launch, the engine extends from the body, and the wings unfold.

The maximum flight range is 5500 kilometers. The missile can change its target during flight.



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