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Three’s a Crowd? Aeroflot Wants Two Pilots in Russian Tu-214 Jets  


Rostec’s CEO, Sergey Chemezov, informed local media RBC that the state corporation will deliver these aircraft in the coming years under firm contracts, though the exact timelines are still being worked out.

Aeroflot has requested modifications to the Tu-214 to transition to a two-member crew instead of three. The Kazan Aviation Plant can deliver Tu-214s designed for two pilots and a flight engineer, but major international manufacturers have long abandoned the flight engineer role to improve economic efficiency.

Previously, Aeroflot had turned down the Tu-214 due to concerns over the ‘extra’ crew member, lower fuel efficiency, and the greater availability of Western aircraft. However, the landscape changed dramatically with the imposition of sanctions that prohibited the supply of new Western machines and components. This forced the airline to reevaluate its options, leading to a reconsideration of Russian airliners.

Rostec’s leasing subsidiary, Aviacapital-Service, will be the owner of the 11 Tu-214s. The subsidiary will acquire the aircraft from UAC, utilizing funds from the National Wealth Fund (175.4 billion rubles). The airline, in turn, will lease the planes and gradually repay the cost from operational revenues over a span of 18 years.

The state corporation also plans to supply Russian carriers with long-haul Il-96 aircraft to replace foreign planes, which will be phased out starting in 2030 due to repair difficulties and/or the end of their service life.

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