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Unexpected Twist: Google’s Gemini Project May Outshine ChatGPT in the AI Arena


It was once anticipated that ChatGPT OpenAI would eliminate Goggle, but the opposite may now be the case as Google has announced its artificial intelligence project – Gemini.

The implementation will occur in stages: less complex versions of Gemini, called “Nano” and “Pro,” will be immediately integrated into Google’s AI-based chatbot Bard and its Pixel 8 Pro smartphone. Google promises that with Gemini support, Bard will become more intuitive and better at handling tasks that require planning.

According to Google, on Pixel 8 Pro, Gemini will quickly summarize device-recorded notes and provide automatic responses in messaging services, starting with WhatsApp.

Gemini’s significant advancements are expected to happen by the beginning of next year when its Ultra model will be used to launch Bard Advanced, an enhanced version of the chatbot initially offered only to a test audience.

Initially, the AI will operate only in English worldwide, although Google leaders assured journalists during the briefing that the technology will eventually have no issues diversifying into other languages.

Based on a demonstration to reporters, Google’s “Bard Advanced” may be capable of unprecedented multitasking AI, simultaneously recognizing and understanding presentations that include text, photos, and videos.
Gemini will also eventually be integrated into Google’s dominant search system, although the timing of this transition has yet to be determined.

Google has outperformed other contenders, including Facebook Meta’s parent company, which acquired the London-based company DeepMind almost a decade ago and merged it with its Brain division to focus on Gemini development.

Google touts the problem-solving skills of this technology as particularly well-developed in mathematics and physics, inspiring hope among AI optimists that it could lead to scientific breakthroughs improving people’s lives.

However, the opposing side of the AI debate is concerned that this technology will ultimately overshadow human intelligence, leading to the loss of millions of jobs and possibly more destructive behaviour, such as the spread of misinformation or the launch of nuclear weapons.

The emergence of Gemini is likely to raise the stakes in the AI competition, which intensified last year with the San Francisco startup OpenAI and its long-time industry rival Microsoft. Leveraging Microsoft’s financial and computational power, OpenAI has already delved into developing its most advanced AI model, GPT-4, releasing the free tool ChatGPT at the end of last year.

This AI-powered chatbot gained global fame, causing a buzz around the commercial promises of generative artificial intelligence.

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