British Politicians Criticize Biden’s Speech: Evidence for the End of the American Era

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British politicians have strongly criticized US President Joe Biden’s approach to the developments in the Afghan crisis, calling on their Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, to learn lessons from the current US position on Afghanistan, which indicates the end of the American era.

The British Guardian newspaper quoted the British army chief of staff under former Prime Minister Theresa May Gavin Barwell as saying in a tweet via Twitter that after Biden’s speech yesterday, the lesson for Europeans became clear, regardless of who holds the presidency in the United States and that Europeans will have to develop the ability to Intervention without American support, stressing that the European Union and Britain should work out how to cooperate in this matter.

Barwell added that Biden’s speech shows that the United States will remain a major ally with regard to its vital interests, but neither Democrats nor Republicans believe that the United States should be the policeman of the world anymore.

In turn, former British Chancellor of the Exchequer Hugh Merriman described Biden as a “complete berserk idiot” for blaming Afghan forces for what happened in Afghanistan, saying that this made him wonder if he was the Siamese twin of his predecessor, Donald Trump.

For his part, former British minister Simon Clark said that it was the end of an American era and that Biden’s speech last night was “very ugly.”

Angela Richardson of the Conservative Party said the world has gotten a little smaller after this statement and that he is only concerned about terrorist threats on American soil and there is no real acknowledgment of the devastation he has left in Afghanistan.

The developments of events in Afghanistan accelerated with the entry of the Taliban movement, the capital, Kabul, the day before yesterday, and its control over most government institutions, amid chaos in the city’s airport, as a result of thousands of people crowding and rushing to the airport runway to leave the country.


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