“Resignation unacceptable,” Berlusconi on Afghanistan

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“Resignation in the face of what is happening in Kabul is unacceptable. The West, Europe and even Italy have duties which we cannot shirk, without failing in the values and principles on which our very idea of civilization, freedom, dignity of the person is based.

The disorderly flight we are witnessing, of which Italy objectively has no fault, but which directly involves us, will remain as a page of shame for free countries, but will also have a disruptive effect on the credibility of Western countries in the world,” said Forza Italia leader Silvio Berlusconi.

“Seeing a people to whom we had promised freedom fall back into the hands of an obscurantist, violent and fanatical regime causes a close heart to all those who believe in the universality of human rights, seeing a strategic country for the balance of the whole of Asia falling under the sphere of influence of Islamic fundamentalism today – and of Beijing in the near future – is a serious threat to our own interests and to our security, ”he said.

“What happens in Afghanistan affects us twice, as free men and as political leaders of Europe and the West. In this affair, beyond the hasty disengagement decided by the United States, the inability of the European Union to exercise an effective political and military role emerges once again, which would imply that common foreign and defense policy and that European army that we have often invoked … Now the only way is that of diplomacy and humanitarian aid to those who want to leave that tormented country. But diplomacy does not mean passive acceptance of the victory of the enemies of freedom. Otherwise, the words of Churchill after the Munich accords, which sacrificed Czechoslovakia to Hitler, can be repeated to the Western ruling classes: “ You were given the choice between war and dishonour. You chose dishonour, and you will have war,” he added.


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