Burglar fires at a teenager in an attempt to flee

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On Thursday, a burglar opened fire in broad daylight at a teenager who attempted to stop him after he stole some items from the latter’s home in Shukrawar Peth’s Khadakmal Ali area.

Avej Ansari (23), who was injured, was able to apprehend the thief with the help of other neighbours. Pune City Police arrested the burglar, Vitthal Gole (45).

Gole has a criminal record and was previously imprisoned in Nashik, according to the police inquiry. Due to the Covid-19 epidemic, he was freed on temporary bail.

After lunch, Ansari and his family, who live in the Khadakmal Ali neighbourhood, went to the terrace of their building, according to police. Gole grabbed several goods from Ansari’s house at the same time and attempted to flee the scene at about 2 p.m.

However, Ansari noticed Gole and attempted to stop him. Gole is accused of firing a pistol at Ansari and injuring him.

Meanwhile, local citizens went to assist, and Gole was apprehended. A Pune City Police team arrived at the crime spot after receiving information about the occurrence and arrested Gole.

A pistol and a cartridge have been seized, and police are looking for a female accomplice who may have been involved in the crime.


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