Candidates utilize Bluetooth slippers to cheat in the Rajasthan teachers’ test

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Five persons have been detained by police for attempting to cheat in the Rajasthan Eligibility Exam for Teachers. “The applicants were discovered wearing “chappals” with Bluetooth devices placed into the soles,” according to authorities.

Soon after apprehending the first suspect, the authorities found an extensive cheating ring operating throughout Rajasthan. According to SS Indoliya, Bikaner ASP, the accused purchased a shoe for Rs 20,000-30,000 and attempted to sell it to students for Rs 5-6 lakhs.

Similar chappals with Bluetooth and mobile gadgets have been discovered in Bikaner and Sikar.

“The chappal is designed in such a way that it contains a full phone as well as a Bluetooth device. The candidate was wearing a gadget in his ear, and someone from outside the test hall was assisting him in cheating “Ratan Lal Bhargav, a police officer, stated.

The cheating scheme appears to be a small-scale enterprise in and of itself, and the authorities are currently looking into it. “The “cheating chappals” were “cleverly constructed,” according to NDTV sources, and they could have been offered to candidates with the hardware for cheating for as much as Rs 2 lakh.

“We discovered one individual who had gadgets hidden in his slippers to aid him in his deception. We caught him at the start of the exam. We’re figuring out where he’s connected and who’s involved. We quickly notified other districts. Nobody may enter the test center in slippers, shoes, or socks during the next part of the exam “Jagdish Chandra Sharma, an Ajmer police officer, stated.

To prevent cheating in the REET, cellphone communications and the internet were shut down in five districts of Rajasthan for 12 hours today. Nearly 16 lakh pupils took the examination for 31,000 positions in government institutions. Because there were so many applicants slated to take the exam, the state administration had made extensive plans for security and transport in the midst of the epidemic.

To become a teacher in Rajasthan government schools, a person must first pass the REET.


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