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Research debunks 10,000-hour mastery rule in Malcolm Gladwell Outliers The Story of Success

If you go by Malcolm Gladwell bestseller Outliers The Story of Success, simply practising something regularly for a long enough time, one will eventually...

Alyosha -Not a Sudden Martyrdom for the ‘Right’, but a Lifelong Conviction

Situations calling upon quick physical courage, are either do or die matters, or when they serve as an opportunity to display bravado. Of course,...

Powers of the President of India – originally intended and what it is now?

Have the Presidents of India excercised their moral authority or bent down their knees to the elected governments due to their political affiliations?

The story of  K-43 submarine under Soviet, Indian and Russian naval service

The lease contract was signed in July 1987 and the Indian Navy crew deputed to take over the submarine arrived in September for a refresher course as the skills had started to diminish over the intervening year and a half. The handing over process began in October and abruptly stopped as the author received an order to stop the process of transfer and stop access of foreign nationals to the submarine.

The perils of probating the last will and testament in India

The fight over land and property in India among the siblings after the death of parents in most common household story. Property disputes among siblings of high profile families often make headlines.