China’s New Strategy of War Making – Strategic Weaponisation of Human Power

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Col. Rajinder Singh Kushwaha (Retd.)
Col. Rajinder Singh Kushwaha (Retd.)
An ex-NDA, Col. Rajinder Singh Kushwaha, is an author and Defence and Strategic Affairs analyst, and ex Commanding Officer of 3 Bihar Regiment. He led the regiment in insurgency environs in Assam in 1990-93. He has vast experience in CI Ops from Northeast to Punjab and J&K. He has authored the book, ‘Kashmir: A Different Perspective’. His second book on Assam is scheduled for release soon. He has held prestigious appointments in the army, including as an instructor at a premier army institute, Col GS, Col Adm of an Infantry Division, and Col "Q" works at a Command HQ. * Views are personal.

“To win one hundred victories in one hundred battles is not the acme of skill. To subdue the enemy without fighting is the acme of skill” —- Sun Tzu

It is no secret that the Chinese Strong man, Xi Jinping, wants to overtake the USA militarily and economically by the year 2049 AD. To do so, he is trying all sorts of tricks to realise his aim. His recent announcement of allowing Chinese families to have three children has a hidden agenda.  It is a combination of four specialisations of China i.e., Human Power; Economic Clout; Technological and Cyber superiority, and Military strength.

Why is China, a nation with the largest population in the world (around 1.5 billion) has shifted its policy from one child to three Children? The shift might look innocuous to most experts, but it has a sinister design. Most Indian experts, particularly military philosophers think that it was a consequence of the performance of its soldiers in “Galwan Faceoff” in Eastern Ladakh on 15 June 2020. Experts feel that the one-child policy led to the softening of youth due to pampering and made them unfit material for soldiering. It is an over-simplification of China’s more evil designs.

One must note that it was in the wake of “four modernisations” of its then unquestioned leader, Deng Xiaoping in the 1970s that the ‘one child’ policy was adopted to speed up growth and development. The rising population was anti-thesis of growth and development because the socialist and communist economy could not provide jobs to the leapfrogging population. The economy did not have the capacity to do so. What has changed now?

The answer is China’s changed national strategic objectives. During Deng’s period, the primary objective was economic growth and development. Therefore, Deng Xiao Ping gave the call for “Tao Guang, Yang Hui “(TGYH) which meant, “keep a low profile and bide your time, while also getting something accomplished” Therefore China had been quietly working for increasing economic clout since 1979. Cheap labour became a beehive for MNCs, the USA, and Europe. Today, they, particularly the USA, must be cursing their leaders of the 1980s for lack of long-term vision. Their shortsightedness has made them pigmies today, while the vision of Deng has made China a giant.

Thus, 42 years later, China is the second-largest economy with adequate military and technological muscles to not only match the USA but threaten to overtake it. Xi Jinping is the man of authority in China, who believes in international assertiveness because of its economic and military status.

Xi Jinping’s ‘Fa Fen, You Wei Doctrine’ (FFYW Doctrine), which aims to prove one’s worth through firm resolve, seeks to subdue one’s adversaries through offensive and aggressive actions. To do so, he has been using China’s economic power and military muscles. They say, the use of Coronavirus, as a Bioweapon was a part of its display of military muscle.

But Xi has realised that it was not only a double-edged weapon, but it was also bouncing back strategically. Therefore, something else was to be done. The answer lay in the new thought emerging as to why not use its over glowing manpower as a “Human Wave” to overwhelm the world.  It was not to be used as a military tactic, but a strategic pincer along with economic clout, along with technological advancement cum military muscle. Though “Foursome” makes a new strategy, but “Human wave” is going to be the spearhead to achieve its objective by 2049.

Shift to three – children family’s policy should be a concern to world leaders, particularly overly liberal and democratic nations. The world has to take note of this. Xi Jinping has changed chosen this path to conquer the world without firing a bullet.  The aim is to overflow the world with the export of the Han population. China intends to exploit the existence of “China Towns” in almost all major cities of the world. They are “islands of convenience” (IOC) for expanding political and economic control of the world.

These IOCs would become the launch pads to WEAPONISE the POPULATION EXPORT. This is in keeping with Sun Tzu’s military thoughts. With this, China is giving a new dimension to war-making — from “No Contact wars “to “Contact wars” through new “Human Wave” tactics. Should India not learn a lesson from it?


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