COVID-19 origin – The Chinese scientist knew that virus was being manipulated

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At the end of 2019, Zheng-Li Shi, who is an “undisputed world leader in bat coronavirus experiments” and head of the Wuhan Institute of Virology, “identified a very distinct detail in the Sars-CoV2 proteins: among the forest of amino acids, it was hiding a lethal weapon that no other coronavirus in the Sars-CoV-2 family possessed in nature.” Laboratories like hers were specialized in the artificial insertion, within the virus proteins, of that powerful enzymatic mechanism for experimental purposes,” wrote journalist Paolo Barnard in his book investigation ‘The origin of the virus’ (publisher Chiarelettere), written in collaboration with the scientist Steven Quay (USA).

The Chinese researcher “was the first in the world – remembers Barnard – to point the modern genetic mapping systems on the new coronavirus that was already claiming victims at a worrying rate in Wuhan, her city”, and “she realized that Covid- 19 would not have been a Sars-type respiratory disease at all “, but that” it would almost certainly have been a pandemic, an overwhelming sickening of human lives, and precisely because of the presence in the virus of that mechanism, capable of making men sick as in few others contagions of history “.

But the scientist was silent, the authors of the book observed. “In his justification – Barnard recalls – it should be noted that the entire Wuhan Institute of Virology had been working for some time under the watchful eye of the People’s Liberation Army of the Chinese Communist Party. Furthermore, in January 2020, General Chen Wei actually took possession of the institute to direct the anti-Covid-19 operations “. In short, “even if she had all the intentions, the virologist was not free to speak”.

“Zheng-Li Shi – it continues – could not say a single word to the international health authorities about the presence of that terrible weapon wedged among the proteins of Sars-CoV-2: not an alarm, a warning, nothing, despite having had a sensational opportunity to do so when in February 2020 she published the genome of the new coronavirus in the scientific journal ‘Nature’. This state of affairs – denounces Barnard – is perhaps unprecedented in modern science and has condemned many victims of Covid to a preventable death.

“Since an ‘early diagnosis’ of biological weapon inherent in the new coronavirus and communicated by the Chinese scientist to supranational health bodies well before the spread of infections in the rest of the globe would have allowed them to immediately understand the true dimensions of the danger and to activate much more drastic and targeted containment measures, ” he writes.


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