German Eurofighter to be equipped with Mk-83 TIP warheads

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Germany is ordering Mk-83 Trojan Improved Penetrator (TIP) warheads for its Eurofighters. The Mk-83 TIP is being purchased as an alternative warhead for PGM GBU-48 deployed by the German Eurofighter fighter aircraft. TIP consists of an Mk-83 effector, equipped with an Enhanced Paveway II guidance kit for precise control by a semiactive laser. 

Compared to the original Mk-83 warhead, the TIP version has a significantly lower demolition effect but with greater penetration capacity. GBU-48 TIP effector is all-weather with a standoff capability. It is optimized for busting hardened point and area targets. In urban scenarios, TIP can be employed for close air support. 

TIP was developed by Diehl in cooperation with the technical and mathematical research society (technisch-mathematische Studiengesellschaft) located in Bonn. In addition, the multi-option fuze FBM 21 by Junghans Defence is used.

The effectiveness of GBU-48 TIP has been proven, among others, during the operational suitability test on the test range in Vidsel. The delivery of the first serial units is scheduled to start in 2023. 


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