Girl blackmails mothers businessman lover, caught

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Pune City Police have arrested a 21-year-old woman and her friend for allegedly blackmailing her mother’s lover.

The woman’s mother was having an affair with a 42-year-old man, according to police, and she found out about it by hacking into her mother’s WhatsApp account. She then shared this information with her friends, along with some photographs. 

After that, the woman and two of her friends devised a scheme to blackmail the man. 

They allegedly called her mother’s lover and demanded Rs 15 lakh from him, threatening to expose details and photos of his affair on social media if he didn’t pay up. The blackmailers received Rs 2.6 lakh from the man, who owns a business. 

When they requested additional money, he went to the Pune City Police Department and filed a complaint. 

On Friday, a squad from the Anti-extortion Cell set up a trap and arrested a juvenile, one of the woman’s acquaintances, when he was taking Rs 1 lakh from the complainant.

The lady was apprehended later, and authorities are looking for her other friend, according to police.


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