Indefinite US military presence in Afghanistan is not a way out, Joe Biden

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US President Joe Biden has ordered 5000 troops, including 1,000 troops from the 82nd Airborne Unit in Fort Bragg, to be sent to Afghanistan to ensure the evacuation of diplomatic personnel from Kabul. In a statement, the president also ordered the armed forces and the intelligence community to “ensure capability and vigilance in the face of future terrorist threats from Afghanistan.”

According to Biden, the White House told the Taliban that any action that would expose risky United States personnel “would be met with a swift and decisive US military response.”

At the same time, Biden said that the indefinite military presence of the United States is not a way out.

“Another year or five years of US military presence would not change the situation if the Afghan military cannot or does not want to maintain its own country. And the endless American presence amid a civil conflict in another country is unacceptable to me, “ he said.

The US embassy in Kabul will then be evacuated within the next 36 hours, and all US diplomats must leave the country by August 31, CBS News reported, citing “numerous sources of security and diplomacy in Washington and Kabul.”

According to the Pentagon, the Taliban could capture Kabul in a matter of days. The Taliban is currently moving relentlessly towards Kabul. In the past eight days, it has taken control of half of Afghanistan’s 34 provinces, capturing at least 18 provincial capitals.

The United States, Britain and Canada announced the deployment of troops to Afghanistan to help fellow citizens leave the country. The Danish parliament has approved the evacuation of 45 Afghan nationals who worked at the consular section of the country’s embassy in Kabul.


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