Indians most obsessed with hacking Facebook and Wi-Fi

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Indians are the most interested in hacking Facebook and Wi-Fi as per a finding by NordVPN, a Panama registered company specialising in providing encryption-based service. The company began probing when Google Searches trend showed a spike in the keyword “how to hack” went up in April 2020.

“The results have shown that half of wannabe Indian hackers were looking to get control of somebody else’s Facebook account, while 38% wanted to break into somebody else’s Wi-Fi network,” says the company release.

Indian’s along with the Americans and Filipinos performed the bulk of searches, nearly 60%, on “how to hack” keyword. In addition to Facebook and Wi-Fi, the searchers wanted to know how to hack Gmail, email and surprisingly ‘Google account.’

The lockdown has also led to the desire to hack the neighbour’s Wi-Fi. Indians formed the bulk of the searchers, about 23%, on the methods to hack a Wi-Fi network.

While your ex-partner or a black hat hacker may be trying to get control of your social media accounts or a neighbour is trying to steal your Wi-Fi password,  there are some measures you can take to protect yourself like using a complex password, two-factor authentication, and use encryption for the Wi-Fi network.


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