Iranian Navy auxiliary ship IRIS Kharg sinks due to fire

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An Iranian Navy auxiliary ship Kharg has sunk after a major fire on board. The incident happened  off Jask Port, south of Iran.

As per the Iranian Navy, the ship IRIS Kharg had been dispatched to international waters some days ago.

The dual purpose vessel was used both as a platform for support and also for training new forces. The fire broke-out in one of its systems, said the statement. The statement said that trainees had left the vessel and were transferred to Jask Port.

IRIS Kharg
IRIS Kharg, Copyright: Unknown

In another statement, the Iranian Navy said that efforts for extinguishing the fire have been fruitless and Khark vessel has sunk. No one was killed in the incident.

IRIS Kharg is a modified Ol class tanker which was purchased from the UK in 1977. Built by Swan Hunter, the ship was delivered to Iran in 1984. Ol class tanker were Royal Fleet Auxiliary fast fleet tankers.

As per experts, IRIS Kharg was capable of replenishment at sea (RAS) capability. IRIS Bushehr is probably the only one with RAS capability left in the Iranian navy.


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