Israeli Navy orders four SHALDAG MK V vessels

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The Israeli Navy has ordered four SHALDAG MK V vessels from Israel Shipyards Ltd., a leading shipbuilding and repair company in the Eastern Mediterranean serving naval and commercial marine markets. The four vessels will have been adapted to the Navy’s unique configuration requirements.

The company has previously supplied the Israeli Navy with SHALDAG MK III, the Saar 4, and Saar 4.5 fast attack missile vessels which are used for protecting the maritime borders of the State of Israel. Recently, it was decided to equip the Navy with advanced vessels that will enable an upgrade of the force’s capabilities for its routine security missions. To that end, the SHALDAG MK V has been adapted to the Navy’s configuration requirements.

The largest member of the SHALDAG Class, the SHALDAG MK V, is a combat-proven, all-aluminum, light, and fast vessel driven by powerful waterjets, with a high payload capacity, providing exceptional maneuverability and seakeeping. Delivering a high firepower-to-displacement ratio, it was designed for naval security missions and is a recognized leader in the protection of Exclusive Economic Zones (EEZs) and littoral waters.

The vessel has a speed of above 40 knots, can accelerate from zero to 40 knots in less than one minute, has a turning diameter of 150m, and a minimal draft ‒ enabling operation in shallow waters. Easy to operate and maintain, the SHALDAG MK V is equipped with advanced, lightweight weapon systems, navigation systems, and combat management systems.


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