Italian boxer Michele Broili sports Nazi tatoo

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The Italian Boxing Federation had distanced itself and announced that it would appeal to the Federal Justice against boxer Michele Broili for some tattoos “praising Nazism”, including the Totenkopf of the SS. The tattoos were noticed yesterday during the match he lost against Hassan Nourdine for the Italian superpiuma title (Italian super featherweight title) at the Palachiarbola of Trieste.

Totenkopf is the death’s head used on the uniforms of the SS ( Schutzstaffel), 88 is a number linked to Nazi symbolism and the words ‘Return to Camelot’ is the name of a neo-Nazi rally held every five years organized by the Veneto Forehead Skinheads.

“This behaviour is in clear contrast with the rules sanctioned by the Coni Code of Sporting Behavior (art .5) ‘that the FPI acknowledges, sharing its spirit and content,” said the Federation in a press release.

“Obviously – reads a press release – the cardholder who put it in place is solely responsible for this behaviour and, if anything, indirectly and objectively the Company he belongs to who endorsed and / or tolerated it. Any responsibility can and must be ascribed to the Italian Boxing Federation, which cannot be aware of the personal choices of each individual member until it is aware of it “.


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