Korea’s first virtual social media influencer ‘Rozy’! Is she for real?

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Faaiza khan
Faaiza khan
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Social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, have given rise to several influencers. These influencers have massive followers and many PR collaborations. Unique talent makes one influencer different from the other. Now it seems not only humans but also robots have joined the race of becoming the best influencer. This robot is for real. She is just like any other influencer. She can swim, walk, run, and pose for the camera. She is none other than Rozy- South Korea’s first virtual social media influencer.

Rozy is an Avatar created by Sidus Studio X, a content-creating, production company that specialises in commercials, animation, film and video characters. Sidus Studio X created Rozy as a 22-year-old girl in August last year, and she will forever remain the same age. Rozi looks just like a normal human being. While eating, swimming or shopping, it is impossible to say that Rozy is not human.

Rozy is just like any other influencer. She shares a glimpse of her life on her Instagram account. Rozy has over 70 thousand followers and her fans truly love her. Her perfect face, tanned body and style got her over 100 sponsorship deals, and she is predicted to earn more than 1 billion Korean Won this year.

The parent company has stated that for the first three months they ran Rozy’s Instagram account, no one noticed that the ‘woman’ posing in the stunning images of getting thousands of likes was not real.
Rozy has maintained an active online presence since December but gained wide attention through an advertisement for an insurance firm in July this year.

Rozy is similar to virtual influencers like Lil Miquela, Bermuda, Lil Wavi and Shudu, who are a few of the well-known virtual influencers.


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