Madonna poses as Marilyn Monroe, gets criticised

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Madonna posed as Marilyn Monroe for a short film, and a photoshoot and the web exploded with many criticisms. The star got furious and posted on Instagram, “I’m celebrating the life of this great artist. If you’re too stupid to recognise it, I can’t help you.”

For days, Madonna has been posting on social media shots that portray her with a platinum blonde wig and dresses similar to those made iconic by Marilyn, and also half-naked lying on a bed as if unconscious and with bottles of medicines next to her. Understandably the set-up is to echo the circumstances of the actress’s death.

The comments immediately poured in.

“For some morbid and disturbing reason, Madonna decides to recreate Marilyn Monroe’s deathbed”, writes one user.”

Recreating such a thing was completely wrong; looking at these pictures made me cry because we all know what really happened to her, “wrote one person.

“Madonna? A recreation of Marilyn’s deathbed? Pills included? Ugh. I’m a huge fan of yours since the beginning…but that picture in particular is incredibly tacky. Sometimes the shock factor isn’t worth it.,” wrote another person.

While many focused on the singer’s physical appearance calling her “unrecognisable” for having recourse to plastic surgery, there were counters to the criticisms and a flood of defenses and declarations of love from her fans.

For her part, Madonna explained on Instagram: ‘A private affair’ is a short film about the intimate relationship between a photographer and his muse. Inspired by Marilyn Monroe and Bert Stern the week before she died. These words are written by me. They have nothing to do with Marilyn. I’m paying tribute to her glowing fragility that I saw in these shots, “she says, referring to some original photos of Marilyn taken by Stern.” She died a week later at her home, “she adds.” I don’t know anything about this. I am celebrating the life of this great artist. If you are too stupid to recognise it, I cannot help you. But God bless you anyway,” she concludes as a trailer of the short runs next to the post.


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