Millie Bobby Browns team slams TikToker Hunter Echo for hateful & offensive comments

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Faaiza khan
Faaiza khan
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The TikToker ‘Hunter Echo’ claimed that he has sexually groomed ‘Millie Bobby Brown’ during a livestream on Instagram. The representatives of the actress called Echo Hunters remarks to be dishonest, offensive, and disturbing.

Hunter Echo during a livestream passed claims that the teen actress initiated the romance, and her parents were completely involved in it, and they were completely aware of this relationship, they also allowed him to stay in their house along with Millie for 8 months. He claims that Millie has been sexually groomed by him. Responding to a comment during the live stream that said, “Imagine being a grown adult and dating a kid,” he replied with: “I know, I groomed her.”

There was also a photo of him and Millie on his Instagram account which is now deleted after Hunter deleted his Insta id. In the picture, Ecimovic was seen giving Millie a kiss on the cheek. It is unknown when the picture was taken. Millie has still not commented anything on this situation. Her team said instead of any public disclosure through the press or social media, we are taking action so that Ecimovic stops this behaviour once and for all.

Taking it to TikTok to address this situation Ecimovic said, ‘what is done is done and he cannot take it back, ‘it should have never happened in the first place, it was a stupid idea on my part’. He also added he was getting more and more drunk by alcohol in the two to three hours that he lives streamed. ‘I said stuff that shouldn’t have been said. I am sorry for doing that live stream; I should have ended it the moment it started getting bad,” he continued.

It is still not sure that if Mille and Ecimovic were ever in a relationship. Millie hasn’t made any comment herself over the situation. Millie Bobby Brown has been acting for years and is highly known for her role in stranger things and Enola homes. She also runs a makeup brand named Florence by mills which is highly popular among teenagers. Ecimovic goes by the name Hunter Echo on tiktok and boasts 1.6 million followers.

(Image: Millie Bobby Brown/ Samsung)


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