North Korea test-fires a 1500 km range cruise missile

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North Korea has announced the successful test-fire of a new type of long-range cruise missile on September 11 and 12, as per the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA).

As per KCNA, the launched long-range cruise missiles flew for 7,580 seconds along trajectories over the territory and territorial waters of North Korea and hit targets at a distance of 1,500 km. The test-firings took place on Saturday and Sunday after two years of research, writes the agency.

It flew along the elliptical and 8-shaped flight trajectories, said the Chosun Central News Agency.

“The detailed tests of missile parts, scores of engine ground thrust tests, various flight tests, control and guidance tests, warhead power tests, etc., were conducted with success,” it added.

The agency reiterated that “the development of the long-range cruise missile, a strategic weapon of great significance…. has been pushed forward according to the scientific and reliable weapon system development process for the past two years.”

The test launch was conducted under Party Secretary Park Jeong-cheon, Party Minister Kim Jeong-sik, and Party Committee Chairman Jeon Il-ho of the Academy of Defense Science. Chairman Kim Jong-un did not attend the launch.


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