Queen Elizabeth II spotted with a walking stick in public for the first time

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For the first time, the Queen of England Elizabeth II participated in an important public event with the help of a walking stick. British media published the queen’s photos with a cane taken during a ceremony on the occasion of the centenary of the Royal British Legion.

The 95-year-old Elizabeth got out of a limousine, received the cane from the hands of the Royal Princess Anne and then headed, without problems, to her place in Westminster Abbey.

Until now, the 95-year-old sovereign had only used the cane for medical reasons after undergoing knee surgery in 2003.

Elizabeth did not enter the Abbey through the traditional entrance – the Great West Door – but through the entrance to Poet’s Yard, which allowed her to walk less to reach her seat. Buckingham Palace did not comment on the news.

The Palace sources said the queen used the case for ‘comfort’.


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