Rosoboronexport’s light version of the T-90 tank could interest the Indian Army


Rosoboronexport expects production of a light export version of the T-90 tank; the Russian arms export agency told TASS at the International Military-Technical Forum Army-2021.

“The T-90 and its modifications remain the backbone of Russian tank exports. This reliable, modern, and having a superb combat power tank has a positive combat track record. It is equipped with cutting-edge dynamic and active protection and the latest fire control system. Furthermore, Rosoboronexport expects the production of a lighter version of this tank, adapted to the requirements of certain foreign customers. This will significantly improve its export attractiveness,” the company said.

India is exploring the induction of a light tank in view of the China and India standoff in Ladakh, where the Chinese have occupied additional Indian territories. About 350 light tanks are planned to be acquired in a phased manner. As per the Request for information, the Indian Army is soliciting offers for less than 25-ton tanks to be used for operations in High Altitude Area (HAA), marginal terrain (Rann), amphibious operations, etc.

China fields Type 15 “Black Panther” light tanks or ZTQ-15 weighing about 33 – 36 tons against India. India has inducted the heavier T-90 tanks to counter the Chinese.

The light T-90 Tank is expected to have commonality with the T-90S Bhishma tanks fielded in large numbers by the Indian Army.

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