Russia to field Super Sukhoi Su-30SM2 in 2022

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The Russian Baltic Fleet has begun training the first crews and aircrews for the new Su-30SM2 combat aircraft, dubbed the super Sukhoi. The Su-30SM2 will be deployed with the 4th Naval Attack Aviation Regiment.

The basic version of the aircraft, the Su-30SM, has become the most common of the new types of fighters available to the Russian forces. About 130 aircraft are in service with the Aerospace Forces and naval aviation. The Su-30SM was created from export version SU-30MKI supplied to India. The two-seater crew of the aircraft allows better use of modern guided weapons. The navigator operator can focus on finding and engaging ground and surface targets. The Su-30SM has also become the de facto standard for arming Russia’s closest allies. Kazakhstan, Belarus and Armenia acquired the planes. 

In 2015, work began on creating its deep modification, which will increase combat capabilities and import substitution. The aircraft’s first flight, designated Su-30SM2, took place in February 2021.

Su-30SM2 Super Sukhoi

In 2018, Russia launched to bring commonalities between the Su-30SM and Su-35 fighters. The program brings their characteristics and capabilities closer together and simplifies the aircraft fleet’s maintenance. The new modification received the same AL-41F1S engines that are installed on the Su-35S. In terms of thrust, it is 16% higher than the AL-31FP motor currently used. The first contract for 21 serial fighters of this model was signed in December 2020.

The Su-30SM2 received a multi-channel integrated communication, data exchange, navigation and identification system (OSNOD) deployed the fifth generation fighter. This integrates the Super Sukhoi with modern automated control systems, interacts with the Su-57, and subsequently with heavy drones.

Su-30SM2 also has a commonality with the Su-35 in the radar department. Both the aircraft are equipped with the Irbis-E radar. It is the most powerful Russian fighter aircraft radar after Byelka radar on the Su-57. Tikhomirov NIIP developed the Irbis-E radar from the N011M Bars radar system used on Sukhoi SU-30MKI aircraft. The radar and other common systems with the Su-35 will enable the Su-30SM2 to employ weapons developed for Su-35.

The upgradation of the Su-30SM fleet to the level of CM2 is scheduled to be completed by 2027.

As per the Russians, the Su-30SM2 will be completely import-substituted.


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