Russia uses an ungraded S-300V4 air defense system to defeat hypersonic target

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The Russian forces have used specially modified anti-aircraft missiles for the S-300V4 air defense system at the Kapustin Yar test site to destroy short and medium-range missiles and hypersonic targets at long distances. 

As per the Russian’s the improved ammunition is guaranteed to shoot down aeroballistic targets like highly manoeuvrable warheads mounted on missiles. The manoeuvrable warheads can change the flight trajectory when approaching the object of attack, making it difficult to defeat them.

The modified missiles required a minor upgrade of the S-300V4 system, and the results of the test launches were successful, as er the Russians.

Previously, the Russian MoD reported that in October this year, large-scale exercises were held at the Kapustin Yar training ground to repel the combined attacks of a simulated enemy with combat launches of anti-aircraft missiles. For this, a powerful military air defense group was created, armed with the S-300V4, Buk-M3 and Tor-M2 complexes and aerosol cover technology. During the manoeuvres, the S-300V4 crews repelled the strike of aeroballistic missiles, performing combat launches at targets descending from an altitude of more than 150 km. Attacks from aircraft, helicopters, cruise missiles and a swarm of drones were also practised.

The Russians used special UAVs networked with anti-aircraft crews.

The Russian air defense destroyed more than 40 groups and standalone targets at altitudes from 8 m to 35 km. The simulated missile launches were made at a range of 3 to 50 km.

Hypersonics more of a potential threat

The development of Hypersonic weapons after the termination of the Treaty on the Elimination of Intermediate-Range and Shorter-Range Missiles (INF) by the United States has not yet occurred, and there are no such weapons in Europe yet. But Russia is getting ready to defend its territories if the missiles appear in Europe and the flight time is reduced to a minimum.

Previously, ground-based intermediate and shorter-range missiles were based in NATO countries in western Europe. The Soviet Union had deployed similar systems in the Warsaw Pact countries. Russia now fears that these systems might make an appearance in the Baltics or in Ukraine.

To combat the reduction of flight time, there will be minutes left to decide and repel the attack. This will require continuous combat duty of soldiers and officers of the air defense forces, and the equipment will constantly be on standby in a threatened period. To repulse such an attack, one needs maximum automation of air defense systems and complexes and the coherence of all links – from the battalion to the Central command post of the air defense. S-300V4 systems are designed to repel such attacks as well. They are suitable for fighting missiles on descending trajectories.

S-300V4 systems

The S-300V4 modification entered service with the Ground Air Defense in 2014 and the system is completely digital. It can protect troops and important objects from any type of air attack, as per the Russians. The air defense missile system includes:

  • A command post.
  • Radar stations for various purposes.
  • A self-propelled launcher and launcher-loader.
  • Anti-aircraft guided missiles of several types.

The S-300V4 was seen in 2020 at the Victory Parade in Moscow.

The system can simultaneously fire at and hit 24 aerodynamic targets, including stealthy objects such as stealth aircraft or ballistic missiles flying at speeds up to 4500 m / s. The range of destruction of air targets is 400 km at altitudes up to 35 km.

The S-300V4 has already received its baptism of fire. In October 2016, a division of these systems was transferred to Syria and took up combat duty to protect the Khmeimim airfield and the Tartus naval logistics centre.

As per the Russians, during the combat missions, the S-300V4 repeatedly detected the strategic reconnaissance aircraft and bombers of the US Air Force. The enemies Electronic Warfare systems did not interfere with the S-300V4 system.

S-300V4 Deployment

As per the Russian media, the S-300V4 units and formations are deployed in a number of regions of Russia of strategic importance. The first brigade appeared in the Krasnodar Territory in 2014. One of the first such formations was inducted in the Central Military District. S-300V4 took up combat duty in the Samara region and the Moscow region. The systems have also been deployed in the Kaliningrad Special Region. Last year, the S-300V4 air defense systems took up combat duty on the islands of the Kuril ridge. Currently, the systems are in service with all military districts.


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