Vintorez and Val – Russia’s deadly silent killer rifles can hit 1 km with silencers and subsonic bullets

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During an exercise, the Russian military intelligence officers have confirmed the possibility of effective firing from special silent rifles Val and Vintorez at record distances of over 1 kilometre. Officially their firing range is limited to no more than 450 meters.

Silencing the rifles

The silencing effect in the rifles “Vintorez” and “Val” is achieved by integrated silent firing devices and the use of a cartridge of 9×39 mm calibre with a subsonic bullet speed. The ‘silencers’ of these rifles trap most of the powder gases formed during firing for muffling, and the bullet in flight does not pass the sound barrier and hence does not create a harsh sound normally heard over long distances. The sound of the rifle fire in an open space can be compared to a strong hand clap.

 Val submachine gun and the Vintorez sniper rifles

TsNIItochmash, a part of Rostec, has developed the Val submachine gun and the Vintorez sniper rifle. These rifles have proved the possibility of hitting targets at distances significantly exceeding the parameters set in the performance characteristics. As per the rifle makers, these weapons are meant to be used within 450 meters.

The corporation said that the two times greater effective firing range from special weapons was confirmed during the exercises of the reconnaissance units of the combined arms army of the Eastern Military District. The military is trained to use standard weapons at night and ranges exceeding standard ones. In addition to Val and Vintorez, other weapons were also used.

silent killer rifle Vintorez and Val
Vintorez and Val – Wikipedia commons

Previously, the director of the industrial weapons complex, Rostec, Bekhan Ozdoev, had said that the primary purpose of rifles ‘Val’ and ‘Vintorez’ is to keep the silence and flameless fire at ranges up to 450 meters in combination with high armour-piercing effect and powerful stopping ability.

“But the capabilities of Val and Vintorez make it possible to successfully hit targets at ranges significantly, twice, exceeding the official tactical and technical characteristics of the products.” 

Ultra-long-range rifle 

Russia is creating an ultra-long-range rifle of NATO standards capable of hitting targets in actual combat conditions at a distance of 2.5-3 kilometres consistently.

The plan is to create a large-calibre rifle for the universal NATO 50 bmg (12.7 × 99 mm) cartridge, used in a wide range of weapons, from rifles to machine guns. 

The tests of the rifle should start at the beginning of 2022, as per Rostec.

Currently, the ORSIS T-5000 high-precision rifle has a range of 1.6 kilometres.

In 2020, the general director of Lobaev Arms, Vladislav Lobaev, told RIA Novosti about creating a unique DXL-5 sniper rifle capable of hitting targets at a maximum range of seven kilometres. The most famous Lobaev Arms model is the Twilight sniper rifle, the most long-range weapon of this class globally, with a maximum target destruction range of 4.2 kilometres.

Other products include DXL-4 Sevastopol and DXL-3 Retribution. 

DXL-4 Sevastopol is a development of the 2016 DXL family. This is an ultra-long-range counter-sniper rifle with an increased barrel length (780 mm). Caliber – .408CT / .375CT. Magazine capacity – 5 rounds. The sporting option for the civilian market is the DXL-4S single-shot rifle. The maximum effective firing range is 2300 m.

The DXL-3 Retribution is built around the DUKE in-store bolt group. The main material is aluminium. Barrel length 740 mm. Caliber – .338 Lapua. Magazine capacity – 5 rounds. The maximum effective range is 1800 m.

Chukavin to replace the Dragunov sniper rifle

The tests of the Chukavin sniper rifle, which will replace the Dragunov sniper rifle in the troops, have been completed. The results are being documented, said the Kalashnikov group in October.

Chukavin sniper rifle (SHF, code “Reaper”) is a new generation of rifles and ensures the destruction of single targets with the first shot at a distance of up to a kilometre.

The semi-automatic rifle is designed for two cartridges – a domestic rifle cartridge 7.62 by 54 R millimetres and a NATO cartridge 7.62 by 51. The mass of the rifle without cartridges is 4.6 kilograms, the length, depending on the version, is up to 115 centimetres, the magazine capacity is ten rounds.

The main sniper rifle in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation was inducted into service back in 1963. The rifle is self-loading and fires cartridges of 7.62 x 54 R. It is easy to learn and operate and has high reliability, but no longer meets modern requirements in terms of the range of destruction of targets with one shot.

The Soviet Union created the self-loading Dragunov sniper rifle to compensate for the lack of training of a fighter with the possibility of a quick re-shot.


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