Russian Perm nuclear submarine to be equipped with Zirkon hypersonic missile by 2025, Project 11540 now a digital ASW

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The modified project 885M nuclear submarine (nuclear submarine) Perm (code Yasen-M) is scheduled to be equipped with the newest Zircon hypersonic cruise missiles making it the first submarine to carry the weapon system.

“Among the nuclear submarines of Project 885M, the first regular carrier of the Zircons will be the fifth submarine Perm, which will be structurally slightly different from its predecessors,” said a source in the military-industrial complex to TASS. The transfer of the Perm submarine to the Russian Navy is planned for 2025, he said.

Currently, PO “Sevmash” (part of the United Shipbuilding Corporation) is building six nuclear submarines of project 885M. The lead submarines of projects 885 and 885M – “Severodvinsk” and “Kazan” – are already a part of the Russian Navy, the first serial submarine of project 885M “Novosibirsk” is being tested. It is scheduled to be handed over to the fleet by the end of this year.

On October 4, the Severodvinsk nuclear submarine performed the first test launches of the Zircon missiles from the surface and submerged positions in the White Sea.

Project 11540 Neustrashimy patrol ship to hunt submarine digitally

By the end of 2021, the Project 11540 Neustrashimy patrol ship (SKR) is to expected enter the Russian Navy.

The ship is designed as a high-speed, high-tech ocean hunter for nuclear submarines. It was officially handed over to the Navy in 1993, and in 2014 it was sent for repairs. In the course of the work, the ship was extensively updated, in particular, all analogue equipment on the ships were replaced with digital. A new BIUS (Combat Information and Control System) was installed which is a modern complex of electronic computing equipment and other technical means, designed for the automated development of recommendations for controlling weapons and the entire ship.

The ship received a new artillery control post and the “Fregat” complex, a radar station for monitoring the air and surface situation.

In addition, a new digital navigation station was installed which is responsible for the automated exchange of information about the location, course and speed of ships and vessels in the adjacent water area, as well as the state of the fairways. 
There are only two patrol ships belonging to the project 11540 (code “Hawk”) in the Russian Navy – these are “Fearless” and “Yaroslav the Wise”.


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