Scientists from Finland grow coffee in a bioreactor

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Scientists from Finland, who have learned how to grow coffee in a bioreactor, hope that industrial production of the product will begin in four years. 

The product developer Heiko Reacher of the Finnish Institute of Technology Research ( VTT ) says the coffee is no different from regular coffee and is made from the same plant: Coffea arabica, but the new process uses coffee cells grown in a bioreactor.

The lab-made coffee is not ground from beans but is cultivated from coffee tree cells. From roasted flour, coffee can be made in exactly the same way as regular coffee.

Environment friendly

Reacher notes, high demand for coffee requires more land to grow it, leading to the deforestation of rainforests. The processes developed must ultimately be cost-effective. According to him, the higher the production, the lower the production costs.

Heiko Rischer grows coffee in a petridish
Heiko Rischer (right) grows coffee in a petridish

Currently, all coffee materials produced in the laboratory are experimental products and require FDA approval for sale to consumers in the United States.

In Europe, this coffee must first be approved before it can be found on store shelves as a new food product.

Best time to drink coffee

Nutritionists explain that you should be careful when starting your day with a cup of coffee. This drink should not be consumed on an empty stomach but after a meal. According to them, this is necessary to avoid negative consequences for the gastrointestinal tract.


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