Su-57 stealth fighter to be equipped with a hypersonic cruise missile code-named Larchinka-MD

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Russia is developing a hypersonic weapon missile under the codename Larchinka-MD to equip the Su-57 stealth fighters. The missile is at the stage of prototyping, and it has not yet entered flight tests. The new missile is designed to fly at speeds five or more times faster than sound. MD possibly stands for Short Range. The new missile may be a replacement for the Kh-31 supersonic anti-ship missile.

The lead developer on this missile is Tactical Missile Armament Corporation (KTRV). Codename Product 70 is being used as an engine which is developed by the Soyuz machine-building design bureau, which specializes in power plants for super-high-speed missiles.

Product 70 is a ramjet engine (ramjet) engine already used in many Russian hypersonic weapons systems, including the Gremlin long-range hypersonic missile.

The hypersonic ammunition will fit into the internal compartments of the Russian stealth fighter.

Work on the key component – the active homing head – is being carried out in the Ural Design Bureau “Detal”, which is part of the KTRV.


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