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A new trend has emerged on social networks – to publish photos with ‘sun tattoos’, which are done using a stencil while tanning.  A clear contrast between darkened and sun-free areas of the skin can be obtained with intense exposure to sunlight, otherwise the pattern will be blurry and expressionless. So, people who want to show off impressive photos on social networks sunbathe in the middle of the day.

But this can be dangerous, experts say. In order to get a ‘solar tattoo’ during these hours, one has to spend more than one day experimenting, otherwise one will not get a difference in skin color. Therefore, such manipulations are carried out during the period of maximum solar activity, and this can cause sunburn.  In turn, a sunburn can lead not only to temporary damage to the skin, but also to accelerate its aging processes, and most importantly – to cancer, melanoma.

If an ordinary mole appears on the skin area on which such a tattoo is located, under the influence of sunlight it can degenerate into a malignant neoplasm. And this can be fatal. 

Until half a century ago, sunbathers did not expose themselves to such a serious threat, but the thinning of the ozone layer leads to an increase in solar activity and, accordingly, to the risks of developing cancer.

The safe time for tanning is until10 am in the morning and from 5  pm until late at night.


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